It’s All Henry’s Fault
by Dayna Wills, 2012

In April of 2009 I got a call from Henry Baker informing me that I should come to Turkey, Texas two weeks early for Bob Wills Day. Henry and his wife Doris own the Church of Western Swing. Henry told me that Susie McEntire was bringing her film crew to shoot an episode of Cowboy Church Network. Well, as much as I enjoy coming to Turkey a few days early, I wasn’t too excited about coming in two weeks early but, salesman that he is Henry talked me into it.

As Gary and I were walking into the Hotel Turkey, we ran smack dab into Susie who was on her way to "The Church." We introduced ourselves and said we’d catch up with her there. As the weekend progressed, we got acquainted, ending up singing backup with Henry on a gospel number, traded CDs, and broke bread over breakfast. Russ Wever led the service on Sunday and Susie sang some uplifting spiritual songs from her current CD. Susie and the crew ended up filming the Turkey, Texas episode in two parts and interviewed my cousin Rosetta Wills and me.

Fast forward a couple of years: I get an "Update from Susie" telling me that her new sponsor is Stetson. I email back, "Have I got a song for you!" A few weeks ago I got an email saying, "Surprise, we recorded ‘Texan in a Stetson’" on our new CD "Chase the Wind" which is now available at Norma-Lee, who wrote the lyrics to the song, was very ill when we got the news about the recording. A few weeks before Norma-Lee passed away, Susie and Mark graciously sent her an advance copy.

If you want to hear a fine singer performing Christian as well as secular music, then you need to hear Susie McEntire. You will find a new favorite in her. And when you do, remember, "It’s all Henry’s fault!"